Chairman of the Council

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Chairman The Chairman of the Council is an elected Councillor, usually of considerable experience, who is chosen by their fellow Councillors to be their chairman for one year

Cllr Mark Cherry was elected as chairman of Syston Town Council at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council held on 23 May 2023.

Role of the Chairman

The main role of the Chairman is to act as the non-political, civic and ceremonial head of the district of Syston. The role of Chairman also includes;

Chairing meetings of the Council

  • Communication with private and voluntary sector organisations within the town.
  • Acting as official host to visitors of the town.
  • To represent the town at ceremonial events.
  • To promote public involvement in the Council’s activities.
  • Invitations to the Chairman

The Chairman welcomes invitations to attend events in the Syston area.
The Chairman would need to be well briefed about any function to be attended.
On some occasions it may not be possible for the Chairman to attend, although the Vice Chairman may be able to deputise.

Invite the Chairman to attend an event by sending your request via our contact form, including all the information and dates.

Contacting the Chairman

In writing: Chairman Cllr T Barkley, C/o Syston Town Council, Community Centre, School Street, Syston, Leicestershire, LE7 1HN

Tel: 0116 2607150

Email: mailbox@systontowncouncil.gov.uk