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Footpath / Towpath I63A, Syston and Cossington

Leicestershire County Council Highways has agreed to a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order at the above location.

A temporary closure is required on Footpath / Towpath I63 from 11th September 2023 for 2 weeks.

The footpath will be closed between footpath I58 and footpath I64.

The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order will be implemented for public safety is to allow Canal and River Trust, or their contractors, safely undertake repair works caused by tree roots.

Memorial Park footpath to Fosse Way – Footpath L45, Syston 

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is to be made for the following location:

Footpath L45, Syston (see weblink or QR code below). The purpose of the TTRO is to allow Network Rail safely undertake bridge inspection works.

The TTRO will incorporate a temporary footpath closure.

The duration of the restriction is not anticipated to exceed a period of 1 day, 09:00 till 15:00, commencing on the 13th November 2023.