Syston Town Council Parks - Litter

As COVID restrictions ease, and the Council is focussing on a return to normal operations, another issue needing attention, as we all enjoy our parks and open spaces is litter and even worse, broken glass, strewn across our parks. We are all seeing images of rubbish spread around our parks and along and in the brook, despite increased police patrols, and pleas from the press and members of the public, the issue of litter is not easing.

In an attempt to resolve this situation, Syston Town Council in partnership with Charnwood Borough Council have invested in increasing the number of dual waste/dog waste bins in our streets and parks.

It is unacceptable and unsustainable for our already busy teams to be re-deployed from their work in order to clear up mess left behind at our parks, which wouldn’t be necessary if people took their own personal responsibility seriously, especially at a time when we need to be much more cautious in the way we behave in order to put this awful pandemic behind us.

We are really grateful to our staff and the local community litter pickers who are all working incredibly hard to clear up parks.

This is your council tax and not how we would want to spend our already stretched resources, but we are left with little option, as we want to support our residents and allow them all to enjoy the five parks that we are fortunate to have in the town.

We would like to thank all our residents who are respectful of our green spaces by using the bins provided or by taking their rubbish home. We make a further plea to those who leave their rubbish and broken glass behind, to please consider other people, including families with children and pets, as well as our local wildlife.

This will also help us to meet our budget commitments and improve our services for you.

Town Manager